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Dr. Derek A. Burdeny

Dr. Burdeny received his MD degree and did his Radiology Residency at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine.  He did a fellowship in MRI at the University of North Carolina and has specialized in musculoskeletal imaging since 1989.  Past academic appointments have included Assistant Clinical Professor and Chairman of Radiology at the University of South Dakota.  He is the Director of Radiology at the Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital in Omaha and serves as the imaging consultant for a number of collegiate and professional sports teams.

Dr. Jana M. Crain

Dr. Crain received her MD degree and completed her residency at the University of Arkansas Center for Medical Sciences.  She completed her fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging with National Orthopedic Imaging Associates, after which she joined NOIA.  She currently serves as Medical Director of a number of imaging centers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Colorado, and is a consultant for both collegiate and professional players and teams.

The NOIA division provides subspecialty spine and musculoskeletal expertise both to the other divisions of CAIMA and, through its national teleradiology network, to over 70 hospitals and imaging centers in 13 states.  All studies referred to NOIA are interpreted by fellowship trained spine or MSK radiologists with years of experience working together to provide a best in class level of expertise at all times.
The NOIA team, although located in three different time zones, work together from a common work list,  allowing timely readings on all cases, including stat reads and cases referred on weekends.  The common work list also allows multiple subspecialists to immediately review complicated cases.  The radiologists are available for direct consultation by centers and referring physicians on protocols and results.  The reports are concise, complete and accurate.
In addition to their clinical responsibilities, NOIA works with its imaging center partners in the identification and purchase of technical equipment, training and support of technical staff, and providing access to NOIA's national purchasing contracts for imaging center supplies.  Since they are well known in the orthopedic community, NOIA radiologists actively work with the network sites to leverage their expertise in helping the centers market in their communities to enhance musculoskeletal and spine referrals.
NOIA is committed to teaching and physician education and, through its musculoskeletal and spine fellowship program, has trained 45 post graduate radiologists who have gone on to academic and private practice careers.  The NOIA radiologists teach at major medical schools and regularly lecture at national orthopedic and imaging conferences.  They have published many original papers in the radiology and orthopedic journals, have authored a number of books and DVDs,  and serve on the editorial boards of peer-reviewed scientific journals. To learn moreSF_neurointerventional_division.html
click here.NOIA_Divison_files/CPNI%202013%20NeuroIR%20Bulletin.pdfNOIA_Divison_files/CPNI%202013%20NeuroIR%20Bulletin_1.pdfshapeimage_10_link_0

Dr. Betsy A. Holland

Dr. Holland received her MD degree from Cornell and did her residency and fellowship in Neuroradiology at the University of California, San Francisco.  She is a Senior Member of the American Society of Neuroradiology and holds a certificate of added qualification in neuroradiology. Dr. Holland was a founding member of NOIA and serves as the director of neuroradiology. She has published numerous articles and book chapters and has lectured widely on MRI.  She has been a pioneer in developing web-based musculoskeletal  imaging educational programs.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Phancao

Dr. Phancao received his MD and MBA from Tufts University in Boston, Ma.  Following his radiology residency at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, he completed his fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging with National Orthopedic Imaging, and then joined NOIA as a staff radiologist.  Dr. Phancao specializes in imaging of peripheral joints and interventional musculoskeletal procedures.

Dr. Damon Sacco

Dr. Sacco received his MD degree from Loyola-Stritch School of Medicine and did his residency and musculoskeletal training at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he went on to hold the position of Assistant Professor.   He joined NOIA in 1989 and is medical director of a number of imaging centers.  He also serves as NOIA’s director of musculoskeletal interventional radiology.

Dr. Eric Smith

Dr. Smith received his MD degree from Dartmouth College where he was active in the development of cartilage imaging. He further developed his interest in Orthopedic Imaging during his residency under the tutelage of Dr. Donald Resnick at the University of California San Diego. He completed a fellowship with NOIA and has been a staff radiologist since that time.   Dr. Smith has a particular interest in imaging of arthropathies and musculoskeletal manifestations of systemic disease.

Dr. Russell C. Fritz

Dr. Fritz received his MD from Duke University School of Medicine and then did his radiology residency and a fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging at the University of California, San Francisco.  As a NOIA member since 1991, Dr. Fritz served as an imaging consultant to the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. He has been a visiting professor and lectured extensively to orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, and other physicians around the United States and in 14 countries. Dr. Fritz has written numerous articles and book chapters on orthopedic MRI. He has been an imaging consultant to a number of high-profile sports organizations, including the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Oakland A’s, San Francisco Giants, Cleveland Indians and the US Ski Team.

Dr. Jay A. Kaiser

Dr. Kaiser received his MD degree from Washington University in St. Louis and did his post graduate radiology residency at the University of California, San Francisco.  Dr. Kaiser founded NOIA in 1989.  Specializing in spinal imaging, he has written and lectured extensively on imaging of the degenerative spine.  Dr. Kaiser was a founding member of the North American Spine Society and currently serves on the Associate Editorial Board of the Journal Spine.  He teaches in both the Orthopedic and Radiology departments at the University of California, San Francisco, and also serves on the National Advisory Council of Washington University School of Medicine.

Dr. Janaki Ramanathan

Dr. Ramanathan received her MD from the University of Texas, Galveston, and did her residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.  Following her fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging with NOIA in 2004, she went on to gain experience in multidisciplinary approaches to radiology from 2004-2007 and then returned to NOIA as a staff radiologist.

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Dr. Kelly Lindauer

Dr. Lindauer received his MD degree and completed his residency at the Duke University.  He completed his fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging with National Orthopedic Imaging Associates. After fellowship he joined Diversified Radiology in his home state of Colorado. While at Diversified Radiology, Dr. Lindauer served as the musculoskeletal Division Chief, a member of the Board of Directors, medical director for several imaging centers and hospitals, and as Director of Diversified Radiology’s musculoskeletal fellowship program.   Dr. Lindauer joined National Orthopedic Imaging Associates in 2016, and is the lead radiologist for NOIA's Denver practice.   He is a consultant for both collegiate and professional athletic teams.